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Your New eBay Alternative Auction Website

Hello and welcome to your new eBay alternative auction site!

Ebay was great once (20 years ago) in my opinion and then they got a little too big for their britches it seems and they just kept raising and raising their rates, fees, and restrictions to a point where now they just piss people off.

If you're like most people who get pissed off at or with eBay, what are you really going to do about it - go somewhere else? NO - and they know that which pisses me off. In other words, imagine a company so big that they really don't care what you think? Well I think that sucks and these are the very reasons I started SportsOnlyAuction.com. But eBay isn't alone and I shouldn't just pick on them, so think about it - where else are you going to go for a similar online market place to buy and sell your items without getting over charged or screwed with high seller fees? Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, Amazon - where? There really hasn't been a good alternative site that I have found. Granted this website is for sports related items only and we're brand new with tiny traffic and a tiny number of listings, but with your help, we hope to change that. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

Now I would also like to say that we're not gun grabbin' anti-gun liberal, Nazi, left wing, socialists, fascists (call them what you want) - but we DON'T HAVE ANY PROBLEM with people buying and selling legal firearms online. Take one look at GunBroker.com if you think it is in some way wrong or illegal to buy & sell guns, ammo or firearms online. But of course it is not, so you have to ask yourself why do most of the large online market place websites forbid the sale of guns and ammo transactions online if it's not for their political views? As long as people comply with local, state, and federal rules and laws, there really is no problem with legal gun ownership and legal transactions promoting and selling them just so long as you / we obey the rules if you ask my opinion.

Back to bitching about eBay for one second, their website will tell you they (only) charge 10% but if you look at your statements, you'll see it actually reads 10.5%. Now add Paypal's fees and your pretty close to 15% right out of the gates. Oh, but did I forget to mention that IF your items are set to auto-relist, they will whack you another $0.30 - $0.50 cents per item, per month for each item that gets auto-relisted - how awesome is that (sarcastically speaking). Now add all that up for a ton of items that don't sell for awhile and you paid closer to 30% or more. And if you're not paying 30%, I'll bet you're still getting a monthly seller's fee statement of anywhere from $50- $150 a month for only a few items being sold each month. I'm no math genius, but I have to say I was quite irritated about that to keep getting those high monthly bills from eBay even though I was selling very little.

I could sit here and bitch about eBay all day long, but instead, let me tell you how we plan to be different!

Ok, so as you can see we have no problem with you listing guns and ammo as long as you obey the rules and make sure that you are responsible for legal transactions.

And if you haven't guessed, we have no plans to charge ridiculous rates and fees, In fact, we're not charging any fees what so ever until further notice. I suspect (and hope) that one day in the future when we have several thousand people a day buying and selling, we may turn on some small seller fees like 3% - 5% or something like that, but I promise you the fees and regulations won't get our of control like they did over there. I can say that with a straight and honest face because I've always been a pro-gun, less restrictions kind of guy and so I have no intentions to create anything near what I have seen on other successful market place websites. In fact, I hope this website can be the example site on how NOT to piss people off.

All that sounds nice, but let's face it, right now at the time of this website launch, we are getting very little traffic and almost no listings or transactions taking place here. It's really difficult to launch this sort of website and the ebays and amazons of the world know it (which is another reason why they don't care if you're pissed off at them).

HOWEVER, with your help, we hope to change all that and see if we can "show them who's boss". And I'm not talking about me either - I'm talking about YOU - YOU ARE the boss and you need to vote with your dollars! Which is why we really need your help to list items and really use this website instead of the others.

Obviously you're not going to find everything here (or anything right now) like you would on ebay or amazon, but ask yourself, "do you want to continue to support the problem or be part of the solution"? If you want to be part of the solution, then we need you to help us promote this website and get tons of items listed. We also need you to help with suggestions and comments to help us really build this to your needs, wants and desires. If you see something listed here, go ahead and buy it. If you see something that sucks or something that we need to change or fix, please let us know.

With all the above being stated, getting this website launched properly and running smoothly is really going to take all of us working together to launch it or else it will just be one more guy bitching about it somewhere on the internet. So when you list your items - list only actual real items that you plan to sell and BE PATIENT. You're items will most likely NOT get a lot of views or sales for awhile, but again, we should not be focused on selling tons of stuff right not, but LISTING tons of stuff right now. If your really want to help build this, it's going to take a serious look in the mirror for all of us.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant here and I really do look forward to your success and helping to build a fantastic ebay alternative auction website here with your help.