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Common Sense Rules

The following are a few things that really should not need to be typed out or made visible - that is, these are things your mama should have taught you a long time ago, but just in case someone missed "the memo from the front office", here they go...

1. We expect everyone using this website to act like adults and to be courteous and respectful of each other.

2. Only I get to bitch about things publicly :-) so if there is something or someone you want to bitch about, please send it to me in a private email message and I will try to help you get the problem resolved asap. In other words, if you are having some sort of problem with this website or another member, bring it to me - don't get into a pissing match with them or post it somewhere else on the internet that I can not see, address the problem or fix.

3. Please do not list items on this website that contain in some way or display really bad profanity, unacceptable nudity (within reason), vulgarity, racism, or etc. just apply some common sense and if you're not sure, ask. We want to try and keep this website as PG-13 as possible and just an all around decent and pleasant market place for members to do their transactions.

Now I hate to say it, but I suspect this list will grow over time as I run across people not paying attention or playing nicely, so be sure to check back later for more common sense :-)