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SportsOnlyAuction.com (SOA) is a safe and secure way to buy and sell sporting goods and sports related items. We also allow members to buy, sell and trade knives, legal weapons, shooting accessories and much more. SOA is also a gun auction website that promotes legal and responsible gun ownership and proper firearm transactions online. Buyers and sellers are responsible for obeying and following the rules in their jurisdiction and we advocate proper & safe gun ownership policies and regulations to be followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents.
This is a Sports Only (and related items) Auction website. There are lots of categories as you can see, but items listed should be sports related in the appropriate category. For example: "Books" would be sports related books. Feel free to use your imagination and if you're not sure, just put it in the "Everything Else" category so long as it is in some way related to sports or sporting goods.
Yes, provided you obey your local, state and federal rules and laws. What that means is that if you have a local registered firearms dealer, sporting good store, or gun broker that can legally ship, send or receive the firearms for you legally, then we have no problem with that and are not responsible for what you do with your legal firearm. In most cases, many gun shops will send and receive your firearm through the mail for you for a small fee, but it is up to you to make sure you are compliant with any and all rules and regulations that apply.

Some of the more well known online market places don't allow firearms transactions mostly due to their "gun-grabbing" and far left political agendas and politics, but it is my opinion that guns don't get up and break rules by themselves - people do (or don't). And a firearm is a tool, just like and no different than a hammer or a nail gun that can also be used for any purpose (good or evil). And as long as you follow the rules and obey the law, we are not responsible for what you do and have no problem with legal gun ownership.

Therefore, I am hoping that everyone who has been ridiculed or deleted from Craigslist, eBay or Facebook for trying to legally buy, sell, or trade guns, weapons and firearms online, will find a fantastic new home here for buying and selling their items (legally of course).
If the email that you used to create an account is different than your PayPal email that you provided, check your PayPal email account. We get a lot of people trying to use fake or temporary emails - so in an effort to make sure everyone is real, legitimate, and playing nicely, only PayPal email addresses will receive the validation / welcome letter (and Newsletter). The reason for this is because the odds of people using a "real email" address for their PayPal account are much higher than what they might provide to some website online. That being said, we need to make sure buyers and sellers are legitimate and have provided working email addresses. We hope you understand, but if you're still having problems, please use the Contact Us page at the bottom of the website
This is a new website launch and so we are not charging any buyer or seller fees until further notice.